Saturday, June 25, 2016

REAL - Don't worry if you're coming alone

Our REAL Women's Conference is just under two weeks away. We're going to have well over 400 women there, which although very exciting can be daunting for anyone going on their own (unless you're a raging extrovert, in which case that many new people to get to know must feel like heaven!). To try and remove the worry of not knowing anyone, one of our team Frances Reeve has set up an initiative to help - here's what she has to say:

Coming to REAL may feel a bit daunting if you're on your own, but don't worry! We want to give you an extra special welcome and help you not to feel lost in the crowd. We're saying YOU CAN SIT WITH ME. There will be a big area of seating just for anyone on their own, and some friendly people to introduce you to others and help you find a nice place to sit. We'll also use this area for you to eat your packed lunch with us so no need to go off alone - unless you want to.

At dinner time on Saturday we'd love you to join us for a meal out - but we will need numbers for this on Friday evening so we can book. There will be a sign up sheet in our 'will you sit with me' area.

If you're really happy about coming to REAL on your own, then do still feel free to come and join us - help us to make everyone feel extra welcome. Look forward to seeing you.

If you still haven't booked into REAL then please sign up now - whether you're coming on your own or as part of a group. Having watched the plans taking shape, and also having had the opportunity to meet this year's guest speaker Bianca Olthoff, I know you won't regret it. I'll be sneaking in too so please come and say hello (I should be quite obvious!).



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