Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The EU Referendum: Remain or Leave

On Thursday 23rd June, in just over three weeks time, most of us as going to get the opportunity to vote on whether Britain should remain in or leave the European Union.

There's a huge danger that much of the pantomime campaigning which has been going on, with inflated claims being made on both sides of the argument and a focus on the personality involved, will mask the fact that this is possibly the most important vote we may ever take part in, with implications much bigger than any local or general election. I therefore want to encourage all of us who can vote to take our responsibility very seriously.

As a church we're not going to suggest how people should vote, but I did want to point you all at some key resources so that you can get the facts you need to decide how to cast your vote.

There's a helpful outline of exactly what is going on on the BBC website.

The Christian charity CARE have done a great website with resources including articles from Christian MPs on both sides of the argument, prayer pointers and a helpful list of the pros and cons of remaining and leaving.

The Evangelical Alliance have produced a similar set of resources, including helpful information on the potential impact on economics, democracy, freedom and identity from a Christian perspective.

Please spend time getting all the information you need, discussing it with others and praying so that you can be ready on the 23rd June to cast your vote in a responsible and informed way.



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