Saturday, July 23, 2016

Create Hope - Volunteer Fundraiser Wanted

One of my passions is for Kerith to be a community which resources and equips people to do amazing things which will never have a Kerith "badge" on them. Whether that's running a school, building a company, running a charity in the UK or overseas, being involved in the world of media, politics or healthcare, or anything else which engages someone's faith, passion and gifting in something not directly linked with Kerith. That to me represents success every bit as much as our CAP centre, youth work or ministry in another nation going well.

One of the shining lights in this area is Catherine Barrett, who has founded Create Hope, a Christian charity offering play therapy and therapeutic support to children, young people and families to support them with their emotional needs. It's so exciting to see how Create Hope, under Catherine's leadership, is growing both in terms of the depth of support it can provide and the number of people it is supporting.

One of the keys to Create Hope growing is money, and to that end Catherine is looking for a volunteer fundraiser who can give some time to doing grant applications for the charity. There are more details here, or just email Catherine if you'd like to find out more. You might not have any play therapy skills, but an hour or two a week from you filling in grant applications could allow you to directly impact the lives of children and families in our community desperately in need of the help Catherine and her team can provide.




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