Friday, July 1, 2016

Thanksgiving for the Life of Louise Holt

We're going to be holding a Bracknell based thanksgiving for the life of Louise Holt on Saturday 16th July at 3pm in the Kerith Centre. I know that many of us who knew Louise and wanted an opportunity to celebrate her life weren't able to make it down Cornwall for the thanksgiving which took place down there last weekend, so this will be an opportunity for us to do that more locally. Louise's husband Andrew, and their children Hudson and Grace, will be there as part of the celebration - everyone is invited to come and join us in remembering Louise.

Andrew wants the dress code to be 'cheerful', with no black and no ties - I'll leave it to you to interpret that appropriately! We'll also be serving refreshments after the meeting to give us further opportunity to share our memories of Louise.

Please continue to pray for Andrew, Hudson and Grace in their loss. I spent time with Andrew today and it sounds like they're all doing really well, but let's be praying for God's ongoing comfort and strength for each of them in the coming days.

Much love,


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