Monday, August 1, 2016

Willow Creek GLS - One & two day options

In October we've got the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit coming up, and this year I want to encourage everyone who is part of Kerith to plan to come along as an investment in our personal growth. As every year there's an amazing line up of speakers with people from the church, business, charity and academic worlds - people we can all learn from if we are humble enough to hear God speaking through them.

In past years we've always run the conference on a Friday and Saturday. I've long thought that this gives us the worst of both worlds, in that there are a bunch of people who can't make a Friday because they can't get the time off work, and a bunch of people who struggle with the Saturday because that's key family time. Also for church teams wanting to come a Friday often isn't great because you're getting ready for Sunday. We're therefore going to try something a little different this year!

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October we'll host the full blown conference with the majority of the speakers from the live event which takes places in Chicago in August. You can book into that here. I'd encourage everyone who can get time off work, child care, college or whatever else you might do during the week to come to these two days. Also for church teams to book those two days as a key team time - staying in local hotels if you can in order to maximise the time you have together to discuss all that you're learning.

Then on Saturday 15th October we'll do a one day version of the GLS, showing what we think are the best talks from the two day event. You can book that here. I want to encourage anyone who can't make it to the two day event to come to this.

If you're not part of Kerith then until the 5th August you can use the discount code GLS16SO to get 25% off.

If you do regularly attend one of our Kerith sites then we have a host church discount code which will get you 65% off. You can get that code by emailing our Kerith reception, but only if you really do come regularly!

Either way the conference represents incredible value for money. I'm always amazed how we can think nothing of pay a load of money to go to a football match, the cinema or the theatre, but then question the cost of a conference like the GLS. Jesus told us that "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). Be willing to invest in something which will do not only your heart but also your mind and soul incredible good.

See you there :)



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