Friday, October 7, 2016

Hazel Thompson

Our house is quite a busy place, with people regularly coming for meals or to stay with us overnight. Earlier this year one of those people was Hazel Thompson, who was working with our daughter Alice on a project for Cinnamon Network. We'd never met Hazel before, but it became apparent pretty quickly that she's a quite remarkable lady, working as a Photo Journalist for organisation such as the New York Time, The Sunday Times and the Guardian.

Her photography has taken her to over 50 nations, using her skill, and her passion, to photograph and film injustice and prejudice; telling powerful stories and creating global awareness around social and humanitarian issues. This has included highlighting the issue of teenage runaways in the UK, sex trafficking in India and children being illegally imprisoned in Filipino jails. Hazel is also a Christian, and clearly sees what she does through her photography as being part of her response to God's call on her life.

As soon as I met Hazel I thought this would be someone it would be great for all of us to meet and to hear from, so I'm delighted that this Sunday Hazel is going to be with us at all four meetings. We'll get to hear from her, and to see some of her photos and short videos, all of which is going to be deeply inspiring and challenging.

See you there :)



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