Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Week of Prayer - Be 1 of 168 :)

To tie in with our Vision Fund Gift Days we're holding a week of 24-7 prayer in our prayer room from 3pm on Sunday 30th October to 3pm on Sunday 6th November.

We've had weeks of prayer before, but have never managed to fill all 168 one hour slots that make up a week. I'm asking whether you could join us in prayer for at least one of those slots

Talking to people I realise that quite a few people have never been in our prayer room, so just wanted to emphasise how easy it is to use!

First where is the prayer room? Well if you come out of the front doors of the Kerith Centre on our Bracknell site and look across the car park you'll see the studio directly opposite you. Downstairs in the studio is where our creative arts team hang out during the week, and upstairs is our 24/7 prayer room.

The process for booking a slot in the prayer room is:

  • Go to the booking page for either October, or November, and look for a slot that works for you.
  • Click on the slot you want to book and a form will pop up for you to fill in.
  • Enter your name, email address, the amount of time you want to book for and whether you want to book the prayer room for exclusive use (you want to pray on your own) or whether you're happy for other people to join you.
  • Click on "book" and that's it done. You should get an email pretty much straight away confirming your booking.

An hour before your slot you'll get an email with a four digit access code which you type into the keypad by the front door of the studio when you get there and which will give you access to the prayer room. Alternatively press the door bell and if there's someone already in the prayer room they'll hopefully come down and let you in!


When you get up to the prayer room you'll find lots of resources in there to help and inspire you to pray. That includes a variety of different places to sit, books, music, tea and coffee making facilities, a prayer wall to write on and much more. Make yourself at home and enjoy spending time in God's presence. Remember that it's more about being than doing, more about listening to God and meeting with him than praying your way through a shopping list of requests.

There are still loads of slots available. I'd love it if we could fill every one - something we really should be able to do with our community our size - so please play your part and book a slot now! You won't regret it :)

Much love,



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