Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Willow Creek GLS - Don't Miss It!

Our two day Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit starts tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9am, with the one day highlights version on Saturday also starting at 9am.

It's still not too late to book in! You can get tickets on the door, but if you're part of Kerith and want to get our discount rate (or any of the other discounts available) you can only get them by booking online beforehand for the two day event or the one day event (if you need the Kerith discount code then message me, phone our reception on 01344 862699 or email info@kerith.co.uk). Including our volunteers we've already got over 300 attending the two day event and over 200 coming to the one day version, but there's still plenty more space for you to come to what is going to be an outstanding event. Please don't miss it!

For all you smartphone and tablet users there's a brilliant Summit app available which gives you all the speaker info, the timetable, space to make notes and much more. Search for GLS16 in the iTunes or Google Play app store and get an advance view of all you've got to look forward to.

Just in case that's not a possibility for you I've included the schedules for the two events below.

See you there :)




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