Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bracknell Site Redevelopment

Following on from our amazing Vision Fund offering of over £212,000 we're moving forward with our plans to redevelop our Bracknell site. Our current thinking is to redevelop our K2 building to give us the facilities we will need to grow over the next 10-15 years (the picture above is a very outline impression from our architect of what that might possibly look like).

As part of that process we'd love to hear your thoughts on what facilities you think we're going to need as we grow in the things we already do, and as we develop new areas of ministry. That could include things like:

  • Creative spaces such as music practice rooms, recording studios or dance studios
  • Child friendly spaces and facilities specifically designed for children and adults with special needs
  • Communal spaces such as a coffee shop, meeting rooms, or just space to relax
  • Space for staff and volunteers to work

They're just some of the things I've heard people mention so far - I'm sure some of you will have specific thoughts around those ideas, and others will have completely different ideas. We want to hear all of them! Please do that by filling in this online questionnaire. If some of the questions aren't relevant to you then feel free to skip over them and go on to the ones that do apply to you.

We're asking for responses by the 13th January, after which we'll start collating them all and sitting down with each user group to firm up exactly what we want from the redevelopment. Our architects will then start the task of working out how we fit it all in!

We do want as many people as possible in our community to take part in this so please take the time to fill it in. If you know people who don't have access to the internet then please let them know this is happening - they can pick up a paper copy of the form to fill in from the Kerith Centre reception.

Thanks in advance for playing your part in helping us discern this next step in our journey as a community.

Much love,



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