Thursday, April 13, 2017

Good Friday : Uprising - Let the Revolution Begin

Our Good Friday meeting this year is at 7pm in the Kerith Centre, and I really want to encourage you to come along if you possibly can, as well as inviting friends neighbours and relatives to what is going to be a powerful time of reflection.

We're going to do the meeting 'in the round', which basically means there will be a stage in the middle of the ground floor of the auditorium, with bean bags and chairs set up all around the stage. Hopefully that is going to give it a very intimate feel as we reflect on the revolution which began as a result of Jesus death on the cross.

The meeting will include readings from the Easter story, worship, communion, a performance song and a preach.

Parking is in the college. The meeting starts with readings so please be sure to get there early and find your space as you won't want to miss the start.

See you there :)



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