Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jacqui and Alex Trekking across Iceland

I get lots of people asking me to help tell others about sponsored events they're taking part in. Much as I'd love to say yes to all of them, I usually say no as otherwise my blog would be nothing but an endless list of sponsorship requests!

However, every now and again a request comes along which really catches my attention. That's the case with two amazing people in our community, Jacqui Bowden-Excell and Alex Calce. They are soon heading off to Iceland for a sponsored trek. This would be a big challenge for most of us, but as you read Jacqui's description below of the health challenges she faces you'll realise just quite what a challenge it is going to be. I'm so proud of Jacqui's bravery, and Alex for stepping out to support Jacqui in what she's doing.

Please take a look, and cheer them on in any way you can.

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I am taking part in Icelandic Lava Trek in July this year. Host to some of Europe’s most incredible wilderness, it will involve trekking 58kms through one of the planet’s most volcanic regions, weaving through vast steaming lava fields, thundering waterfalls, plunging fjords and spouting geysers and walking against a background of multi-coloured rocks. The terrain is very challenging with steep climbs and rough descents.

I have Usher Syndrome, which is a genetic condition affecting my hearing and sight. I am profoundly deaf and have limited sight – tunnel vision and am registered blind. I am raising the money towards Sense, the national (UK) voluntary organisation working with and supporting peoples of all ages who are deafblind.

If you would like to sponsor us please follow this link.

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