Friday, July 7, 2017

Letters to the Seven Churches

On Sunday we start a new series looking at the first three chapters of the last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation. For the first week I'm going to give an overview of chapter one, then we'll spend a week looking at each of the letters written to seven different churches contained in chapters 2 and 3 (skipping the 23rd July which is our Academy Graduation day).

Revelation is a very unusual book, full of strange images and goings on. However, it's also a book with a vital message for us which I'll hope to start to unpack on Sunday. If you would like some homework I'd encourage you to read Daniel chapter 7, chapter 10 and Revelation chapter 1 before Sunday. Please also bring a pen and a notebook as we'll be covering a lot of ground which you'll hopefully want to go back to after Sunday.

Hope to see you there :)



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