Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bracknell Prayer

Our Bracknell site has a few different opportunities for us to pray together coming up.

This is what Mel Woods who helps create the space for us to pray in Bracknell has put together.



On Tuesday 10th October we’ve got our monthly prayer meeting from 8-9.30pm in K2.
We’ve got the theme of ‘celebrating the body of Christ’, taking time to pray for one another, for families, for our small group communities, and that through our love for one another the world would see Jesus. 

On Friday 27th October we’ve got a half night of prayer, running from 8pm until 2am on the Saturday morning.
As we’ve done in the past we’ll split this into one hour slots, with a different person leading each hour. If you can’t make all of it then please feel free to come for the slots which work for you.

We’re then going to have a week of prayer running from Friday 27th October to Friday 3rd November. 
We’re running with the theme of ‘changing seasons’ – so in the prayer room we will have resources around.
  • As the leaves fall off trees in Autumn, are there things God is asking you to let go of or that he wants to strip away (Heb 12.2 throw off everything that hinders)
  • Who is our harvest? Who would you like to see come to know Jesus?
  • The abundance of Gods blessings, how a good harvest was a celebration, that after sowing and toiling and waiting you got to reap the harvest. What do we have to be thankful for?
  • Encouragements in the waiting period – what promises of God can we stand on.

You can book into the prayer room here

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