Wednesday, January 24, 2018


If you were around for the vision nights you’ll have heard me talk about Wildfires, a three day festival being organised by our friends at 24-7 prayer which we’re encouraging all of Kerith to consider coming along to.

Since the Stoneleigh Bible Week finished in 2001, I have personally missed the opportunity for us to gather together as a community in a context where we get to spend more time together than is available on a Sunday or in a midweek small group, and where we’re also exposed to the wider things God is doing in the nation and the nations. We’ve talked a few times as a leadership about whether we should organise our own camp, or get involved in some of the other excellent gatherings which take place around the country, but neither of those options have ever felt like the right thing to do.

However, from the moment we heard about Wildfires it seemed like a really good fit for us, both in terms of the people who will be there from other churches and organisations we already connect with, and the whole prophetic sense behind it of God doing a new thing which won’t replace but will enhance things God is already doing in the nation. And we get to sit around campfires, catch up with old friends and make new ones!

If you book in you get a ticket for the Big Church Day Out (BCDO) on the Saturday and Sunday, as well as for the Wildfires festival on the Monday to Wednesday. I’d encourage people to think about going to both - our family have been going to BCDO for the last few years and love it.

If you want to book in, or get more details, then go over to the Wildifres section on the Kerith website and click on the link that says “Book Tickets”. This is a Kerith specific link which will mean that everyone who books using it gets to camp together. You’ll also hopefully find all the info you need there too.

If you do have any questions then please direct them to Sarah Harvey, who is heading up the event from our end.

Hope to see you there around a campfire!


Friday, January 19, 2018

Job Opportunity - Afternoon Receptionist

At the recent Vision Nights (if you missed them then you can listen to either the Bracknell or Sandhurst version) one of the things we announced was that Marija McKean has been appointed as our Bracknell Site Kids Leader. This is really exciting as we look to strengthen and improve further the already excellent kids work on our Bracknell site. Please be praying for Marija in her new role and supporting her in any way you can.

A consequence of that decision is that we will lose Marija as our afternoon receptionist in the Kerith Centre. For me our resrptionists have one of the most important roles in our community, being the first experience many people have of Kerith when they either walk into the Kerith Centre, phone us or contact us via email. Getting that first impression right is so important in us being the peachy community we all aspire to be, and so I’m passionate we get the right person to replace Marija, who has been outstanding for us in that role. 

I’m therefore asking all of us to pray that we’ll find the right person, and consider whether it might be you or someone you know. You can find a full job description here. If there are any questions then please email our HR Manager Ali Hudell

Many thanks,