Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Debt Saviours - CAP Documentary

You may remember earlier this year when John Kirkby, the founder of CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and a good friend of Kerith, preached on a Sunday and brought with him a BBC film crew filming for a documentary about the work of CAP. 

Well the great news is that the documentary is finished, and is going to be aired on Friday 5th October at 9pm on BBC2. None of the footage filmed with us made the final cut (I’m personally relieved not to be appearing on national TV!), but from all I’ve heard from those who have seen the documentary it is deeply moving as it tells the stories of a number of clients who are not only working with CAP to get debt free, but also in the process have found a relationship with Jesus.  

Let’s make the most of this amazing opportunity, with such a powerful piece of television being making it to prime time TV. Please watch it yourself, and be encouraging friends and family watch it too. And let’s be praying for the millions of others who will also see it. Only this week there was an article on the BBC website titled “Debt killed my Dad”, which detailed the sad descent of one man into increasing debt, culminating in the tragedy of him committing suicide. Let’s pray that through the documentary people in debt will find hope, and the courage to admit they need help and contact CAP.


Friday, September 28, 2018

Our 12 New Academy Students

From the beginning of September our K2 building has once again become the learning and development hub for our Academy students.

At its core, Academy aims to help everyone to be a disciple equipped to make disciples of others. Starting with being intentional about growing closer to God, each student will have the opportunity to discover more about their identity and purpose, deepening their Bible knowledge, and developing leadership skills. Many will also study a distance learning Certificate in Applied Theology with  Moorlands Bible College.

Each one will be outworking course learning through serving in both the course and Church, so as a team they will support many Kerith ministry areas. 

We have twelve Academy students this year, including three from Europe. By way of introduction here are their names and the areas where they’re going to be serving (in the same order as they are in the photo):

Maria Ventsel (from Estonia) – Engagement team
Melodie Alcibiade (from France) – Monday Night Youth, Kids Team & Growth Track
Ro Cyril-Daniel – Alpha & Growth Track
Ayse Flack – Senior Management Team support
Padma Gurung – Kids Team
Georgia Christie – Youth Team
Samantha Gallotan – Sundays Team
Erika Kazdaileviciute (from Lithuania) – Social Justice Team
Nicole Bailey – Creative & Production Team
Mwamba Phiri – Creative Team & Youth Team
Damien Newman – Social Justice Team
Matt Dack – Youth Team

Please be praying for them to grow closer to Jesus as a result of this year, say hello to them if you see them around, and thank God for their willingness to give this time to deepen their relationship with him.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Kerith Windsor Launch

After months of prayer and planning Sunday saw the launch of Kerith Windsor. It went really well, with 106 people coming along including quite a number of visitors. We also had great support from other Kerith sites, including Ben and Anna Britton who came over from the Isle of Wight to be there.

For those who couldn’t make it I thought I’d post some photos so you can get a feel for it all. Thanks to John Mitchell who took all the photos.

If you’ve got a free Sunday please go along and support Leon Johnson who is our site pastor along with the rest of the team. I know they’d love to have you, and I think you’ll be really encouraged to see how God has provided in terms of both the venue and the people to make it all happen.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in getting us to this point. For everyone who has prayer, served, encouraged, given and in any other way be involved thank you. Know that your labour is not in vain but is already producing great fruit.

Kerith Windsor won’t be meeting on Sunday 23rd September as there is an alternative booking in the hall that day, but other than that we’ll be meeting every Sunday from now through to the end of the year so you’ve got plenty of dates to choose from.


Ps This coming Sunday will be the first time we’ve had simulataneous meetings on four sites, as it’s the one Sunday in the month Kerith West Wight meet too. There’s something quite exciting about that as evidence of multiplication.