Monday, November 5, 2018

Vision Fund Gift Days - Final Reminder

On Sunday we’re going to announce the total giving from our October Vision Fund Gift Days. I wanted to send a final encouragement to anyone who would like to give but hasn’t yet done so to get your giving in this week so it can be included in the total. 

As an aside we would normally have looked to let everyone know the total more quickly, but our brilliant finance team headed, up by Mike Webber-Gant, have been changing over to use a new cloud based accounting package called Xero. This will considerably enhance our ability to monitor and control our finances, including allowing us to much more easily track income and expenditure on each of our sites, but has also entailed a load of extra work in the set up phase which have taken the team away from other tasks. 

The money we’re raising will give us the resources we need to move forward on all four of our sites. If you’d like to give then you can find details on how to do that here. It would also be really helpful if you could send an email to the finance team to let them know what you’ve given (and if your gift can be gift aided) so it can be included in the total.

Finally to say a huge thank you to everyone who gives into the life of our community, whether that giving is in terms of finances, time, wisdom or any of the many other ways people sow so generously sow into Kerith. As a result of your giving Jesus is being exalted, the kingdom of God is growing and you are storing up treasure in heaven in lives transformed by the gospel. 


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