Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Vision Fund Update

In my previous blog about the vision fund I promised an update on how we’ve spent the money we’ve raised so far. The graphic above gives a breakdown of what we’ve spent, how much we’ve given away and what we have left. 

Although we currently have just over £100,000 left in the fund (with around £4,000 still to be given away in tithes) that’s going to be spent quickly as we fund all the costs for Windsor and West Wight from the fund up until the end of 2020, and look to progress a number of projects across our sites. 

We’d love to raise another £100,000 to give us the resources to continue to invest in our sites. Please be thinking and praying about what to give, either via the offering this coming Sunday or by giving online or direct to bank transfer

Thank you so much.


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