Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Autumn 2019 Week of Prayer - Tuesday - Alpha

First of all an apology that these blogs haven’t been coming out early enough for those of you who want to pray for the subject of the day in the morning. The honest truth is that the WTC theology residential I was on last week (which was brilliant) was so full on that I had no time to prepare these blogs in advance, and so I’ve been playing catch up this week. I’ll try and get ahead of myself today and serve you all better for the rest of the week!

Please try to carve out some time today to pray for our forthcoming Alpha courses. We have evening Alpha courses in Bracknell and Blackwater Valley starting on Wednesday 25th September and a daytime course in Bracknell starting on Thursday 3rd October.

Our vision as a church is to help people find their way back to God. Over the years Alpha has been an incredible tool in helping us to see this happen. For anyone wanting to see the impact an Alpha course can have please watch Wendy’s inspiring story of how she found faith after attending Alpha multiple times. You can also find more details about what happens on Alpha here.  

Please pray for the following:
  • Thank God for the gift of Alpha and the powerful impact it is having all around the world. 
  • Ask God whether it’s the right time for you to attend Alpha as a guest. If you’re not yet a Christian, are a new believer or feel you need a refresher for your faith then Alpha could be just what you need. If so ask God to give you the courage to attend, and sign up at one of the Alpha tables on Sunday. 
  • Are you able to help make one of the Alpha courses happen, either as a table host or one of the people behind the scenes. If you can then sign up on Sunday. If not then pray for God to send other workers into this harvest field. 
  • Do you have a relative, neighbour or workmate you could invite to Alpha? If so pray for boldness and wisdom as you seek to invite them. 
  • Be praying for God to meet powerfully with all the guest attending Alpha courses, both within Kerith and all around the world.
Thanks so much for praying. Look out to hear stories of the fruit of your prayers in the coming months. 



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