Thursday, January 23, 2020

2020 Vision Fund Gift Days

We stared the vision fund around five years ago when we were wondering whether we should extend the buildings on our Bracknell site. In the end we concluded that wasn't the right thing to do, but the money we have raised has allowed us to do a whole load of other things, including:

  • Becoming debt free
  • Launching our new sites in Windsor and West Wight, including all the staff, equipment and building rental costs
  • Purchasing all the equipment to allow our BV site to move from Sandhurst to the Village Hotel in Farnborough (pictured above)
  • Buying a portakabin in Windsor to make more space for kids work
  • Improving the buildings on our Bracknell site, including renovating the K2 kitchen
  • Giving away 10% of the money raised to other churches and charities, both in the UK and overseas
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given. Hopefully you can see the impact your giving has made, and get a sense of the eternal fruit which it has already produced and will continue to produce for many years in the lives of the people being reached at each of our sites. 

This year we are looking to raise another £220,000 in order to do all the things we sense God has put on our hearts to do this year. This includes continuing to fund our Windsor and West Wight sites, making further improvements to the facilities at our Bracknell site and setting up a BV midweek venue if we can find one. The vision fund gifts days will be on:
  • 23rd February & 1st March
  • 31st May & 7th June
  • 18th & 25th October
Please can you put those dates in your diary, and in advance of each of the gift days be thinking about and asking God what to give. Thank you. 

We are going to close the vision fund at the end of 2020, and from then on let our sites have their own gift days if there is something they would like to raise money for (obviously in consultation with the elders and trustees). This will give people greater visibility of what they are giving to, and give our sites more freedom to decide what they want to invest in. That said there may also be occasions where we do a gift day across all our sites, for instance if we wanted to raise the money to start a new site.

Hopefully this is all clear, but if you have any questions then please ask.


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