Monday, November 8, 2021

Farnborough Working Parties

Work continues apace ready to get our newly acquired warehouse in Farnborough ready for us to meet on Sundays, starting from Sunday 5th December. The auditorium space is taking shape with drapes hung and audio visual equipment being installed, the kids rooms are being painted and carpet is being laid, the building is being rewired, the heating is being serviced, the toilets all now work and much more. 

There are two things we need in order to start meeting on the 5th.

The first is change of use on the building to allow us to meet there as a church community. The planners have asked for a travel plan to show that there will be enough parking for all the activities we intend to hold. We are confident that we have more than enough parking and have commissioned an external company to draw up a plan to demonstrate that we do. Please be praying for the planning meeting at the end of November that we get the change of use we need.

Secondly we need a whole load of people to sign up for working parties to come and get the building ready for us to meet in. As you can see from the picture above pretty much every wall in the building needs painting (often with three or four coats to cover over the existing primary colours!) and there are a host of other jobs that need doing. I'd like to encourage people from across our mainland sites to sign up - it's not only a great way to serve our Farnborough community and to get to meet some new people but you also get a chance to have a sneak preview of the building and all that is going on there. Got to our Kerith Farnborough web page and scroll to the bottom to find a list of all the working party dates. 

Thanks for praying and please consider signing up, either individually or why not turn it into a small group event!